Mark 11:27-12:12

Key Verse: 12:1b



1.      Read verses 27-28. What had happened the day before in Jerusalem and in the temple? What was Jesus doing in the temple now? (Lk 19:47-48) What did the chief priests, teachers of the law and the elders say to him? What did they mean by ďthese things?Ē



2.      †Read verses 29-30. Why did Jesus ask them about Johnís baptism? Read verses 31-33. Why was Jesusí question hard for them to answer? How did they answer?

3.      Read 12:1. How is this parable related to Jesusí conversation with the religious leaders? (verse 12) How did the owner prepare his vineyard? Then, what did he do? How did his preparation reveal his hopes and expectations for his vineyard? (compare Isa 5:1-7; Gen. 2)


4.      Read verses 2-3. At harvest time, when the owner sent a servant to get some of the fruit, what happened? Who does the owner represent? Who do the servants represent? Who do the tenants represent?


5.      Read verses 4-8. Who did the owner send next? Then next? What happened to his servants? Why did the tenants act like this? Who did the owner send last? What was his hope? What does this teach about Godís love and patience? Who does the son represent? What happened? What was the problem of the tenants?



6.      Read verses 9-12. What will the owner of the vineyard do? What was Jesus teaching by quoting Psalm 118:22, 23? In what respect is Jesus like the rejected stone? (Ac 4:10,11; 1Pe 2:4-7) What can we learn about God's sovereignty over history? What can we learn about the faith of Jesus who told this parable?