Mark 12:13-17

Key Verse: 12:17


1. Read verses 13-14a. Who did the religious leaders send to Jesus? For what purpose? (12:12-13; 11:18) How did they flatter Jesus? Why? Was what they said about him true? (Think about each thing they said.) How could they be his enemies?

2. Who were the Pharisees? (See Mt 23:23-25; Mt 23:5) How could they become so corrupt? Who were the Herodians? Why was it unusual for the Pharisees and the Herodians to be doing something together? Why did they?

3. Read 12:14b-15. What loaded question did they asked Jesus? (14b-15) What was the motive behind their question? Read verses 15b. What did Jesus know about them? What did he ask them to bring him? Why?

4. Read 12:16-17. What did Jesus ask them about the coin and what was their answer? What did Jesus mean by "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's"? What does this teach us about our basic obligations to our government and our secular jobs? Why should we “give to Caesar?” (See 1 Pe 2:13-17; Ro 13:1,5)

5. What did Jesus teach about mankind’s basic duty to God? Why do we have such a duty? (See Ge 1:27; Ex 20:1-2; Mk 10:45) What should we give to God? (Dt 6:5; Micah 6:8; Mal 3:8) Why were they amazed at Jesus’ teaching?

6. What does this passage suggest about the importance of a giving spirit? How might this conversation be related to the parable of the tenants? Why don’t people like to give? Why should we give? (Ge 14:18-20; 1Pe 1:18-19; Ac 20:35)