Mark 12:18-27

Key Verse: 12:27


1.      Read verse 18. What do you know about the Sadducees? Why would so-called religious people not believe the resurrection? (heaven and hell?) (2Co 5:10) What was behind their questioning of Jesus?


2.      Read verses 19-22. What sorrowful story did they tell? What is the Biblical basis of their story? (See Dt 25:5-10; Gen 38) What does this story show about their inner lives?



3.      Read verse 23. What was the Sadducees' question? What did they think their story and question proved? Why? Why were they preoccupied with death? With marriage?


4.      Read verses 24-25. According to Jesus, why were the Sadducees in error?

What did they  need to know about God? What did they need to learn from the Bible? What did Jesus teach about marriage in heaven? What does this mean? (1Co 15:49)


5.      Read verses 26-27. What Scripture did Jesus quote? See Ex 3:4-6. What was the occasion? What does it mean that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? What does this tell us about God’s Faithfulness?

      6.   How do the Scriptures teach that God is living and that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are also living with God? What does it mean to us to know that God is living?