Mark 12:35-44

Key Verse: 12:36



1. After Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his cleansing of the temple, what was the attitude of the religious leaders? What was the intent of their questions? (11:18, 28, 12:12, 15,18) What sincere question did one man ask and what was Jesus’ answer?


2. Read verse 35. What question did Jesus ask? What does the term, “son of David” mean? (10:47; Isa 9:6,7; Lk 1:31-33) in what sense is the Christ the Son of David?


3. Read verses 36-37. In Psalm 110:1 (which Jesus quotes), what did it mean that David called the Christ (Messiah) "Lord?” What is Jesus’ point? What promise does the Lord God give the Messiah? Why might the enemies of the Christ tremble? Why was the crowd delighted?


4. Read verses 38-40. What warning did Jesus give about the teachers of the law? Why? How were their inner lives and outer lives different? Why did the Messiah come? Why couldn't they accept a spiritual Messiah? How did Jesus warn them?


5. Read verses 41-44. As Jesus watched the crowd giving offerings what did he notice? What did he teach his disciples? How was Jesus’ value system different from that of the religious leaders? Why do we give an offering each Sunday? What kind of offering does God want?