Mark 13:24-37

Key Verse: 13:26-27


1. Read verses 24-25. To what time does “in those days” refer? How will even the heavenly bodies be affected?

2. Read verse 26. To what does, "at that time" refer? Who is the Son of Man? Describe his coming. (Acts 1:11;1 Th 4:14-16;1Cor 15:52,53)

3. Read verse 27. What will the Son of Man do when he comes again? (Jn 5:27-29; Mt 25:31-32; Rev 1:7) Who are the elect? (1 Pe 2:9-10; Rev 7:9-11) Why will he gather them? (Heb 9:28; Jn 14:3)

4. Read verses 28-31. What does nature teach us about the coming of the Son of Man? In this uncertain world, of what can we be sure?

5. Read verses 32-33. Who knows when Jesus will come again? Why does he keep it a secret? What must be our attitude in waiting? What is our hope? Why must people have hope?

6. Read verses 34-37. Why and how must we keep watch? What must we be doing until he comes? What does it mean to watch?