Mark 14:1-11

Key verse: 14:9


1. Read verses 1-2. What did the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread commemorate (Dt 16:1,16; Mk 14:12)? What did this Passover mean to Jesus? (1Co 5:7) What were the religious leaders plotting? Why did they need to plot so slyly?

2. Read verse 3. What beautiful and controversial thing happened while Jesus was eating in the home of Simon? What might have motivated this woman to do this?

3. Read verses 4-5. How did those present react to this woman's action? Why? What was the element of truth in their practical words? How did they reveal their lack of grace and lack of love for Jesus?

4. Read verses 6-9. How did Jesus rebuke this woman’s critics? How did Jesus view her action? (6) What was the beauty he saw in this woman’s action?

5. Read verse 7. What did Jesus teach about helping the poor? In what sense is love for Jesus a prerequisite for helping the poor?

6. Read verses 8-9. What is important about the timing of the woman’s action? How is her outpouring of love similar to Jesus’ passion? How did Jesus draw her action into gospel history? (Do you think she really knew the significance of what she did?)

7. Read verses 10-11. Who was Judas Iscariot? In what way was he a contrast to this woman? What do you think motivated him to betray Jesus? (1Ti 6:10; Jn 12:6; 6:63,64,70,71)