Mark 14:27-52

Key Verse: 14:36


1.Read verses 27-28. What did Jesus predict about his disciples? How would this fulfill scripture? (Zec 13:7b) What promise did Jesus give his disciples? Who is in control of events?

2. Read verses 29-31. Of what was Peter confident? What did Jesus tell him about himself? Why didnít he accept Jesusí words? How about the other disciples? What should we learn from this?

3. Read verses 32-34. When they arrived in Gethsemane what did Jesus say to his disciples? Who did he take with him and what did he ask them to do? Why was he so distressed and overwhelmed with sorrow?(33,34) How is his true humanity revealed here?

4. Read verses 35-36. How did Jesus address God? What was his attitude in prayer? What was his prayer topic? What did he believe? What did he mean by "this hour"? "This cup"? What reveals his inner conflict? His spiritual victory?

5. Read verses 37-42. What were the disciples doing? Why? What did he teach them about their need to pray? How many times did he come back and find them sleeping? What did he say the last time? How did he meet betrayal and death?

6. Read verses 43-46. Who was Judas? How did he participate in Jesus' arrest? What was the result of following Jesus without any commitment to him?

7. Read verses 47-52. How did those standing near react when Jesus was seized? How did Jesus respond? How was Scripture fulfilled? Who might the young man in verses 51,52 be? Why was there such a great contrast between Jesusí actions and those of his disciples?