Mark 14:53-15:15

Key Verse: 14:61,62

1. Read verses 53, 55-59. Where was Jesus taken? What was the Sanhedrin? What kind of evidence were they looking for? What did they find? What showed that their testimonies were false? (See also Jn 2:19-22)

2. Read 14:60-61a. How did Jesus answer the false charges? (Isa 53:7) Read 14:61b-62. What was the high priest’s question and how did Jesus answer? What does Jesus’ answer teach us about who he is and about the hope which we have in him?

3. Read verses 63-65. How did the high priest and Sanhedrin react to Jesus’ words of truth? What did they do to Jesus? What does this show about them?

4. Read 14:54. What did Peter do? Read 66-68.What happened to Peter? Why did he deny being with Jesus? Read verses 69-72. How did he fulfill Jesus’ prophetic words? (14:30) What did Peter do when he realized that he had denied Jesus? Why?

5. Read 15:1 What decision did the Sanhedrin make and where did they take Jesus? Read 15:2. How did Jesus affirm his true identity before Pilate? Read 15:3-5.How did Jesus reply to his accusers? What amazed Pilate?

6. Read 15:6-10. Who was Barabbas? What was the custom that Pilate tried to use? Why did he want to release Jesus? (Why did he continue referring to him as “king of the Jews?”) Read 15:11-15.Why did Pilate fail to rescue Jesus?

7. Read 15:13-14. What was Pilate’s decision? (15:15) Why did he release Barabbas and hand Jesus over to be crucified? What does Jesus’ trial mean to us and to all sinners? (Isa 53:4-6; 1Pe 2:22-24; Ac 2:22-23; Ro 8:1)