Mark 15:16-47

 Key Verse: 15:34


1. Read verses 16-20. How and why did the Roman soldiers mock Jesus? How did their mockery and torture of Jesus fulfill prophecy? (See Isa 53:4) What was the meaning of this to Peter and to us? (1Pe 2:24)

2. Read verse 21. How might Simon's participation in Jesus' crucifixion have changed his life? Read verses 22-24. What did the soldiers do? Why? Describe crucifixion. Why did Jesus refuse the pain-dulling wine mixed with myrrh?

3. Read verses 25-32. What was the charge written on the cross? What did this mean to the Roman officials? To the religious leaders? To God? What was their purpose in crucifying him between two robbers?

4. How did they taunt him? Why didn't Jesus save himself? (Mt 26:53) How did all others try to save themselves? (Pilate, the disciples, the religious leaders.)

5. Read verses 33-39. What happened from the sixth hour to the ninth hour? What did Jesus' cry mean? (Ps 22) What did the curtain torn from top to bottom mean? (Heb 10:19-22) What was the centurion's testimony? What did this mean?

6. Read verses 40-41. Who were these women? How had they served Jesus and how had they been served by him? Think about the agony of Jesus' mother (Jn 19:25, Lk 2:35).

7. Read verses 42-47. How did Jesus' burial confirm the fact of his death and set the stage for the resurrection? Who was Joseph? From what does Jesus' death save us? (Rev 21:8; Rev 5:12)