Mark 16:1-20 

Key Verse: 16:15


1. Read verses 1-2. Who were the women who brought spices to the tomb? What reveals their love for Jesus? Read verse 3-5. What was on their minds as they walked along? What amazed and alarmed the women?

2. Read verse 6. What good news did the angel tell them? In what respect is this news the key point of the Bible? (Jn 1:29; Ac 2:23-28)

3. What mission did the angel give the women? (7) What promise had they forgotten? (8; Mk 14:28; 8:31; 9:31; 10:33-34)

4. Read verses 8-13. Who brought the good news to the disciples? How did they respond? Why? Read verse 14. According to Jesus, why didn't they believe? What was their fixed idea?

5. Read verses 15-16. What command did Jesus give the doubting disciples? What can we learn here about Jesus' faith? About the absoluteness of the gospel? What is the only way of salvation?

6. Read verses 17-20. What power did Jesus promise gospel workers? What protection? How did Jesus continue to help them?