Mark 1:1-20

Key Verse: 1:15

1.     Read verse 1. What does this verse tell us about Jesus? Read verses 2-3. How was Johnís coming prophesied and fulfilled? What does this show about the authenticity of the gospel?



2.     Read verses 4-8. How did John the Baptist fulfill this prophecy? Describe his lifestyle, his message and the response of the people. What does this show about the times? What did John testify about Jesus? What can we learn?




3.     Read verses 9-11. What happened when John baptized Jesus? Why did he have to be baptized by John? What was the meaning of his baptism?



4.     Read verses 12-13. What happened right after Jesusí baptism? What can we learn from his battle with Satan? Why was it necessary? How did these two events prepare Jesus for his Messianic ministry?



5.     Read verses 14-15. What does Johnís imprisonment tell us about the times? What was Jesusí message? Why is it good news? Why must we repent and believe?


6.     Read verses 16-20. Why did Jesus choose disciples at the beginning of his ministry? Who were the first disciples? What did he call them to do? What did he promise them? How did they respond?