Mark 2:13-17

Key Verse:  2:14

“As he walked along , he saw Levi son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax collector’s booth. ‘Follow me,’ Jesus told him, and Levi got up and followed him.’”


·       FOLLOW ME (13-14)


1.     Where did Jesus go once again? (13) What shows Jesus’ popularity with the crowds? How did Jesus serve the crowds who came to him?


2.     Who was Levi? (14) Why did the Jews despise the tax collectors? (16, Luke 3:12-13) Why might he be lonely?



3.     Where did Jesus find Levi? (14) What did Jesus say to him? What was at stake for Levi in accepting Jesus’ challenge? Why was his job situation different than Peter’s? Why might Levi have followed so easily? Why would Jesus call a man like Levi?



·       EATING WITH SINNERS (15-16)


4.     How did Levi celebrate his new life? (15) What is the significance of Jesus the Messiah eating with tax collectors and sinners? How can sinners have table-fellowship with Jesus? (1:15, Rev. 3:20)


5.     Why did the teachers of the law criticize Jesus? (16) Why were they so lawful about eating fellowship with sinners? What was their main problem? (Matt. 23:13-14)





6.     How did Jesus answer? (17) Who needs a doctor according to Jesus? Who are the righteous and the sinners respectively in 17? How was Levi healed by Jesus’ love? What was his new name as a disciple of Jesus? (Matt. 9:9) What was the main purpose of Jesus’ coming into this world?