Mark 2:23-3:6

Key Verse: 2:28


1.     Read verses 2:23-26. Why did the Pharisees criticize Jesusí disciples? What Biblical story did the use to defend his disciples? What was his point? Why did he use scripture?


2.     Read 2:27.Who made the Sabbath? (Ge 2:3; Ex 20:8-11) What does it mean that the Sabbath was made for man? Read 2:28. Why did Jesus say that the Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath? What does this mean?


3.     Read verses 3:1-3. Where did Jesus go? What person of interest was there? Why were the Pharisees watching Jesus? What was the life problem of the man? What did Jesus tell him to do? Why might this require some courage and faith?


4.     Read verses 3-5a. How did Jesus expose the evilness of the Pharisees? Why were they silent? Why was Jesus angry and distressed? Read verse 5b. What did Jesus say to the man? How did this man show his faith in Jesus? What happened? Why did he heal the man in this way?


5.     Read verse 6. How did the Pharisees react? Why did they involve the Herodians? What does this show about them? In what way did Jesus put his life at risk to help one man?


6. Read verses 7-12. What did Jesus and his disciples do? How is the size and extent and enthusiasm of the crowd described? Why do you think Jesusí ministry grew with such explosive growth? Why were Jesus-like shepherds needed?