Mark 3:13-35

Key Verse: 3:13-14a


1.     Read verse 13. Where did Jesus go? (What had he been doing in the previous paragraph). Who did he call? How did they respond?


2.     Read verses 14-15. How many did he appoint? What was his purpose in calling and appointing them? Why did he talk about mission from the very beginning?


3.     Read verses 14-15 again. How would he train them? What was their class room? What does "to be with him" mean? What must they learn from being with him? What does it mean that he designated them "apostles"?


4.     Read verses 16-19. Who were the 12? What do you know about them? Why these men?


5.     Read verses 20-30. Who opposed Jesus? Why did those who loved him oppose him? Of what did some accuse him? What did they know about his ministry? How did he answer? What warning did he give? How difficult is it to fight the devil? Why is blaspheming the Holy Spirit so serious?


6.     Read verses 31-35. Why had Jesus mother and brothers come? (21) What did Jesus say when he learned that they were outside? What is the mark of one who is in the family of Jesus? (34) How did Jesus regard his disciples? What can we learn here?