Mark 4:21-34

Key Verse: 4:31,32


1.      Read verses 21-22. Why do people put a lamp on its stand and not under a bowl or a bed? What does the lamp represent? Why does Jesus want to hide its meaning?


2.      Read verses 23-23. How important is it to hear Jesusí words and think about them deeply? What kind of effort is needed to have such an attitude?


3.      Read verse 26. What is the kingdom of God like? According to this parable, how does the kingdom work begin? What is the importance of sowing the seed? How do we sow the seed?


4.      Read verses 27-29. What takes place during the period between sowing the seed and reaping the harvest? What does this teach about the kingdom? What can people do? What happens at harvest time? What does this mean?


5.      Read verses 30-32. What else is the kingdom of God like? How small is a mustard seed? How big does it grow after it is planted in the ground? What can we know about Godís word through this?


6.      When the mustard seed grows, how does it effect the environment? What does this tell us about the influence of the kingdom of God?


7.      Read verses 33-34. How did Jesus teach the crowd? His disciples? Why did he teach in this way? What can we learn about Jesusí faith and vision through these parables?