Mark 4:35-41

Key Verse: 4:41


1.      When evening came, what did Jesus and his disciples do? What had Jesus been doing that day? What do you think was in the disciples' hearts? (36)


2.      What unexpected problem arose? (37) How serious was the storm? What kind of effort did they make to overcome this storm?


3.      At that time what was Jesus doing? (38a) What can we learn from him?


4.      Why did the disciples awaken Jesus? What did they say to Jesus? What does this reveal about their attitude toward Jesus?


5.      What did Jesus do when he awoke? How did he calm the storm? (39) What does this reveal about Jesus?


6.      What did Jesus say to his disciples? Why? How should we respond to the storms of life? What kinds of storms do you encounter?


7.      Why were the disciples terrified? (41) How has their view of Jesus changed? How else had Jesus revealed himself as God? (2:5; 2:28) What is your view of Jesus?