Mark 4:1-20

Key Verse: 4:20


1.      Read verses 1-2. Describe Jesus' classroom. Why were the people so eager to hear him? (Mk 3:7-8) How did he teach the word of God to the people? Why did he use parables? (Mk 4:9-11, 33-34)



2.      Read verses 3-8. What are the 4 different kinds of soil? What does soil represent? The seed? (14; 33)



3.      Read verses 3-4, 14-15. What happened to the seed that fell on the path? What happens to the word that is sown on a path-like heart? What kind of heart soil is the path? What makes a heart become hard like a path?



4.      Read verses 5-6; 16-17. What happens to seed that falls on rocky places? Why do these plants sprout quickly and wither quickly? What kind of heart does the rocky soil represent? What happens to the word that falls in a rocky heart? To what is the hot sun compared? What is the real reason for no fruit?



5.      Read verses 7, 18-19. What happened to the seed that fell among thorns? What are the thorns that choke the growing seed of the word? What could be done to make the unfuritful soils/heart-soils fruitful?



6.      Read verses 8,20. What happens to the seed planted in the good soil? How large can the crop be? What makes the word sown on good heart soil fruitful? What does it mean to "hear" and "accept" the word?