Mark 5:1-20

Key Verse: 5:9


1.      Read verses 1-5. After the storm, where did Jesus and his disciples land? Describe the man who met them. What reveals his relations with others? His attitude toward himself? His desire for unrestrained freedom?


2.      Read verses 6-8. From Jesus point of view, what was the man’s real problem? What was his reaction to Jesus? What was his inner conflict?


3.      Read verses 9-10. Why did Jesus ask him his name? What was the man’s answer? What does Legion mean? What does this show about his inner confusion? What request did he make?


4.      Read verses 11-13. What did Jesus do? What did Jesus teach his disciples and the town’s people by sacrificing the pigs? What happened to the man?


5.      Read verses 14-17. When the town’s people heard about their pigs and saw the man dressed and in his right mind what was their response? Why did they ask Jesus to leave instead of bring their sick to him?


6.      Read verses 18-20. Why did the man want to go with Jesus? Why did Jesus not allow him to do so? What mission did Jesus give this man? Why?