Mark 5:21-43

Key Verse: 5:36


1.      Read verses 21-24a. When Jesus arrived, why did the large crowd gather? Who was Jairus? What was his attitude toward Jesus? What was his desperate problem? What did he ask Jesus to do? How did Jesus respond to Jairus’ request?



2.      Read verses 24-29. Who hid in the crowd and intercepted Jesus? Describe her condition. What did she think and what did she do? What happened? Contrast the woman and Jairus. What can we learn here about Jesus?



3.      Read verses 30-34. Why was this woman’s touch different from that of the pressing crowd? Why did Jesus keep on looking for the woman? Why was it so important for her to confess? How did Jesus bless her?



4.      Read verse 35-36. What happened while Jesus was speaking to the woman? What advice did the messengers give Jairus? How did Jesus counsel him?



5.      What did Jairus do? What did Jesus find going on at Jairus’ house? How did he overcome the atmosphere of death and make an atmosphere of faith? What did Jesus do? What can we learn here about ‘just believe’ faith?