Mark 6:1-29

Key Verse: 6:7


1. Read verses 1-6a. What did the people of Jesusí hometown know about him? Why were they first amazed, then take offense at him? Why was Jesus amazed? What does this show about the importance of faith?



2. Read verses 6b-7. Where did Jesus and his disciples go? How did Jesus equip his disciples? Read verses 8-11. What were the limits Jesus gave them? What principles did he want them to learn?



3. Read verses 12-13. What were the message and work of the apostles during their fieldwork training? What did Jesus want them to learn?



4. Read verses 14-16. What did King Herod and some others think when they heard about Jesusí ministry? Why was Herod especially fearful? Read verse 17.



5. Read verses 17-29. Why and how had John the Baptist rebuked King Herod? What was the terrible crime Herod had committed? What does this event tell us about the environment into which Jesus sent his disciples?