Mark 6:30-44

Key Verse: 6:34


1.      Read verse 30. Why were the disciples called "apostles"? What were they reporting to Jesus? Read verses 31-32. What was Jesusí plan? Where did they go?



2.      Read verses 33-34. Who was waiting for them when they arrived? How might the disciples felt about the crowd? How did Jesus feel about them? Why? What did he do first? Why? What was their real need?



3.      Read verses 35-36. What was the disciplesí reasonable suggestion? What does this reveal about them? Read verse 37. What did Jesus say? What was he teaching his disciples?



4.      Read verses 37-40. How did the disciples react? (37b) Why? What did Jesus tell them to do? What did they have? What was he teaching? Why was it important to make the people sit down? (39,40)



5.      Read verses 41-44. What did Jesus do? How did the disciples participate? How many people ate and were satisfied? What did Jesus want his disciples to learn about himself? About how they must do Godís work?