Mark 6:45-56

Key Verse: 6:50b


1.      Read verses 45-46. After feeding the crowd, what three things did Jesus do? Why do you think he made the disciples go ahead of him? Where were they going? What do you think he prayed about?



2.      Read verses 47-50a. When evening came, where were the disciples? What was their problem? Where was Jesus? At about the 4th watch of the night (between 3 and 6 a.m.), what did Jesus do? Why? What was the disciples’ reaction? Why?



3.      Read verses 50b-52. What did Jesus say to the terrified disciples? What did he do? What happened to the wind? How did the disciples react when Jesus got into the boat? What was he teaching them? What practical lesson can we learn here?



4.      How does Mark explain the disciples’ terror and amazement? What does this mean? Why do disciples need to be trained in faith?




5.      Read verses 53-56. Where did the boat land? Why and how did Jesus ministry expand and grow? What does this teach us about Jesus’ power and compassion? About the needs of the shepherdless people?