Mark 7:1-23

Key Verse: 7:6


1.      Read verse 1-5. Why did the Pharisees from Jerusalem criticize Jesus’ disciples? What was the tradition of the elders? How had traditions probably developed and what was their purpose? What is more important than following traditions of men? (8)



2.      Read verses 6-8. Why did Jesus call the Pharisees hypocrites? How did they fulfill Isaiah’s prophesy? (Isa 29:13) Why is God concerned about the heart? (Ge 6:5; Pr 4:23) Why was the Pharisee’s worship in vain? (6b,7)



3.      Read verses 9-13. What example does Jesus give of their setting aside the commandments of God to hold to the traditions of men? What does this mean to us? To what traditions do we hold? How can we hold on to the commandments of God?


4.      Read verses 14-16. What did Jesus teach the crowd about what makes a person unclean? How does this apply to the Pharisees’ criticism of the disciples? To the condition of the heart?


5.      Read verses 17-19. What did the disciples ask Jesus privately? What did he explain to his dull disciples about eating clean and unclean food? What really corrupts a person? (Jer 17:9)


6.      Read verses 20–23. Why are the thoughts of one’s heart so important? (Ge 6:5) Ps 24:3,4) How can we have pure hearts that are close to God? (Ps 51:10-12; 1 Jn 1:7-9; 2Co 10:5b; Ps 119:11;Php 4:8)