Mark 7:24-30

Key Verse: 7:29


1.      Read verses 24-26. Where did Jesus and his disciples go? What kind of people lived there? Why might Jesus have retreated to this place? Why did he want to keep his presence a secret? Why could he not?


2.      Who came to Jesus anyway? What was her problem? What was her attitude toward Jesus? What was her request?


3.      Why might it be hard for her, as a mother, and as a Greek, to come to Jesus with this problem? What compelled her to come?


4.      How did Jesus first answer her? (27) Who are the "children"? Who are "their dogs"? What does Jesus' statement tell us about his ministry and about God's way of working? Why did Jesus say such a harsh thing to this poor woman?


5.      What was the woman's surprising response? (28) What were the "crumbs" she was asking Jesus for? What did she have to overcome in order to reply to Jesus in this way? What can we learn here about real humility? About prayer?


6.      Read verses 29-30. Why was Jesus pleased at her answer? How did he bless her? What can we learn here about the kind of faith that God blesses?