Mark 7:31-37

Key Verse: 7:34-35


1.      Read verse 31. When Jesus left Tyre where did he go? What was his destination? When had Jesus visited this place before? (5:1,18-20). What had happened there and why had he left?


2.      Read verse 32. What did the people of that neighborhood beg Jesus to do? How had the people of this region changed? How might the man formerly called Legion have influenced the people of that region? (5:19-20)



3.      Put yourself in the place of this deaf and mute man. What do you think would be most painful thing about being deaf-mute? What does it mean to be spiritually deaf? Can you think of any examples? (Ge 4:7) What does it mean to be spiritually mute?



4.      Read verses 33-34. Why did Jesus take the man aside, away from the crowd? What did Jesus do to the man’s ears? To his tongue? What does “Ephphatha” mean? What can it mean to us?



5.      Read verse 35. What was the result? How might this man’s life have changed after his encounter with Jesus? How can our spiritual ears be opened? How can our mute tongues speak?



6.      Read verses 36-37. What instructions did Jesus give the people? How did the people react? How had they changed? (5:16-17) What does this event reveal about who Jesus is? (See Isa 35:5,6)