Mark 8:1-21

Key Verse: 8:18b


1.      Read verses 1-3. "During those days" refers to what time and place? (See 7:31) Where might the crowd have come from? (Compare 3:8.) How has he served them? Why did Jesus feel compassion for this crowd? How does he express his compassion? How is this incident similar/different from the one described in 6:30-44?


2.      Read verses 4. How did the disciples respond? Had they made any progress in faith in Jesus? What shows that they needed to grow in faith?


3.      Read verses 5-9. What did Jesus ask and how did they answer? (5) how did Jesus prepare the crowd? Why did he give thanks? How did the disciples participate? What was the result? What does this teach about how God works?


4.      Read verses 10-13. Where did Jesus and his disciples go after this? Why did the Pharisees come to him? How did they reveal their unbelief? How did Jesus respond? Why? Why can miraculous signs never cure unbelief? Where did they go?


5.      Read verses 14-16. What was on the disciples’ minds? Of what did Jesus warn them? What did he mean by the “yeast of the Pharisees and Herod?” How is unbelief like yeast?


6.      Read verses 17-21. What had they forgotten? How were they like the unbelieving, sign-seeking Pharisees? How did Jesus help them to overcome unbelief? Why is it important to have a sense of history?