Mark 8:31-38

Key Verse: 8:34


1.      Read verse 31. After hearing Peter's confession, what did Jesus teach his disciples? How would Jesus become the Messiah? (31; Isa 53:4,5; 1 Pet 2:24; Ac 2:24)


2.      Read verses 32-33. How did Peter respond to Jesus' teaching? Why was it hard for him to accept? Why did Jesus keep teaching his disciples about his suffering and death? (Mk 9:31; 10:33,34)


3.      How did Jesus rebuke Peter? Why did he call him “Satan”? What does it mean to have in mind the things of men? The things of God?


4.      Read verse 34. Who did Jesus include in this invitation? What must one who would follow Jesus do first? What does this mean? (Gal 5:24; 2:20)


5.      Read verse 34 again. What does it mean to take up one's cross? (Think about Jesus.) What burden do those carry who do not take the cross Jesus gives? What does it mean to “follow” Jesus? (Php 2:5; Eph 4:2)


6.      Read verses 35-37. What does it mean to try to save one’s life? To lose one’s life? What does it mean to lose one’s life for Jesus and the gospel? How do you answer the questions in verses 36-37?


7.      Read verse 38. What does it mean to be ashamed of Jesus? What warning and promise does Jesus give? What is the climax of history? How can we who live in an adulterous and sinful generation live lives that acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Christ? Why must we?