Mark 9:1-13

Key Verse: 9:3


1.      Read verse 1. To whom is Jesus speaking? What promise did he give? What did he mean by “not taste death”? What did he mean by “to see the kingdom of God come with power”?


2.      Read verses 2-3. Who did Jesus take with him up the mountain? What happened there? Describe Jesus’ appearance. What does this reveal about Jesus? Why did Jesus show his glorious image to his disciples at this time?


3.      What does the transfiguration teach us about Jesus? (Compare Rev 1:14-16; Ac 7:55; 1Co 15:42-43; 2Pe 1:16-18)


4.      Read verse 4. Who did Jesus meet? How might they have counseled him? (Lk 9:31) Why were Moses and Elijah appropriate ones for Jesus to meet? Read verses 5-6. What was Peter’s reaction? What does this reveal about him?


5.      Read verses 7-8. What did the voice of God say about Jesus? What does it mean that God identified Jesus as his Son? That he said, “Whom I love?” Why did he say, "Listen to him?"


6.      Read verses 9-13. What did they discuss as they came down the mountain? Why? Why did they ask about Elijah?(Mal 4:5,6) Who is the one who came in the spirit of Elijah? What did Jesus continue to teach his disciples?