Mark 9:14-29

Key Verse: 9:23



1.      Read verses 14-15. What had Jesus and his three disciples been doing? What did they find going on at the foot of the mountain? What did the people do when they saw Jesus?


2.      Read verse 16-19. What did Jesus ask? How did the father describe his son’s condition? What compounded the problem? What did Jesus see as the real problem of his times? What did he say? What did he mean?


3.      Read Verses 19-20. How did the boy’s condition become worse when they brought him to Jesus? What does this show about evil spirits?


4.      Read verses 21-24. What did Jesus ask the boy’s father? What did the father ask Jesus? What did Jesus teach him? What was the father’s answer? What does this event teach about faith?


5.      Read verses 25-27. How did Jesus set the boy free from the power of evil? What does this teach about Jesus? About the power and character of evil spirits?


6.      Read verses 28-29. What was the disciples’ question? Why had they failed to drive out the evil spirit, even though they had succeeded in doing so in the past? (Mk 6:7,13) What does this passage teach us about prayer and fasting? (Mark 1:35, 6:46)