Mark 9:30-50

         Key Verse: 9:35



1.      Read verses 30-34. What had the disciples been talking about? Why do men want to be great?(Ge 1:27-28) What was Jesus teaching them? How is Jesus truly great?

2. Read verse 35. What did Jesus teach about the way to be truly great? How does Moses reveal Jesus' kind of greatness? (Nu 12:3) Paul? (1Co 15:9,10) Why must we learn Jesus' humility? (Jas 4:6) How can we?

3. Read verses 35-37. What does it mean to be "servant of all"? How did Jesus illustrate this? What does it mean to welcome a child in Jesus' name? Why must we?

4. Read verses 38-41. What did John report to Jesus? What was Jesus’ answer? How should we regard other ministries? What does “in my name” mean? Why must a truly great man seek God’s glory alone?

5. Read verse 42. What does this teach about our responsibility for our influence? Why can one who causes another to sin not be great?

6. Read verses 43-48. Why does Jesus suggest such drastic actions? How must a great man or woman deal with temptation? (Does cutting off one’s hand or plucking out one’s eye solve the problem?)

7. Read verses 49-50. What does it mean to be a salty Christian? Why must a great man or woman be salty? How can we be salty?