Psalm 118:1-29

Key Verse: 118:1



  1. Read verses 1 and 29. What does this tell us about the contents of Psalm 118? Read verses 1-4. Who makes what proclamation? What continuity is found in these verses? What does it mean that his love endures forever?


  1. Read verses 5-9. What did the Psalmist learn when he cried to the Lord? How did the Lord show his love which endures forever?



  1. Read verses 10-14. How desperate was his situation? What phrase is repeated? What did the Psalmist learn?


  1. Read verses 15-18. What was the Lordís right hand done? What does this mean? For what is the Psalmist thankful?

  1. Read verses 19-24. What is the gate which the Lord has opened? (9-21) Why do we enter this gate give thanks? How might verses 22-24 apply to King David? How did Jesus fulfill this prophesy? (Mark 12:10-11, 11:9)


  1. Read verses 25-29. How does the Psalmist welcome the Lord? How did Jesus fulfill this? (Mk 11:9) How does the Psalmist express his thanks? How can we? When many bad things happen, how can we say that the Lord is good? (1, 29; 1 Thes. 5:18)