2000 East Coast Summer Bible Conference
held at UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE on August 3-6, 2000.
Message Title Passage Messenger
Opening Message Look Up At The Stars Gen 15:1-6 Patrick Keenan
Friday Morning Devotion Abraham, Father of Many Nations Gen 17:1-27 David Brogi
Lecture 1 Who Do You Say I Am? Mark 8:27-38 Steve
Revival Night Jesus The Living Water John 4:1-26 Bob Woods
Morning Devotion Do You Want To Get Well? John 5:1-15 David Chung
Lecture 2 The Cross Of Jesus Mark 15:16-47 Richard Anderson
World Mission Night The Call Of Isaiah Isa 6:1-13 Dr. Daniel Lee
Morning Devotion I Am The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 Bruce Hollinger
Lecture 3 Jesus World Mission Command Mark 16:1-20 Paul Sambuco
Closing Message Be Faithful To The Point Of Death Rev 2:10 Dr. Daniel Hong
Name Testimony
Allison Haga Jacob's Vow
Matthew Kim A Man Who Sought Money and Honor Became Campus Shepherd
Abraham Cho You Will Be a Blessing
Isaac Koh God's Calling to Produce Many Seeds
Daniel James Lee Finding My God in Canada
Maria S. Park My New Life in God