Welcome to Summer Bible Conference Registration page
Praise God! This year we are so excited to taste THE KINGDOM OF GOD through our conference. Jesus came to introduce the kingdom of God. In order to glimpse what the conference looks like, you can watch our previous 2014 summer conference videos as below.

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  • Date: July 23 - 26, 2015
  • Place: James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807)
  • Fee: to be announced soon
  • How to register Summer Bible Conference?
    - Click register link at the top side menu.
    - Create ID and Password and then select gender type. If you are a family member, you still need to register your spouse (not children).
    - The page will lead you to the next page which requires other information about you.
    - On the same page, at the bottom, you can look at room booking status and select one room which is available. Each room will have two people.
    - Once you are done, the page will be showing your final registration information.
  • *** If you have any concerns, please send your inquiry to Sarah Brown (suzie2199@gmail.com), Abraham Bae(wwjd0691@gmail.com), and Joshua Kim (isaiah43189@gmail.com).