Details are coming soon!. Please pray for our messengars.
    • Opening: God's covenant with Abraham-Genesis 15:1-21 Andrew Forbes from UMCP
    • Friday devotion: The Beatitudes Mattew 5:1-16 M. David Hwang from Shippensburg
    • Friday Main : Mark 1:1-20 The Kingdom of God is at hand M. Wesley Jun from Lehigh
    • Friday Evening Mark 16:1-20 Preach the gospel to all creaation M. Paul Chin from GMU
    • Saturday devotion: Matthew 16:23-20 Peter's confession of faith Mark Yang Jr. from Philadelphia
    • Saturday main: Matthew 24:1-51 Signs of the End of the Age S. Paul Sambuco from Baltimore
    • Saturday evening: Romans 12;1-8 A Living Sacrifice Don Lipsey from UMCP
    • Sunday main: Rev. 21:1-27 A new Heaven, a new Earth M. Tunde Adebola from UMCP