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2015 conference

This year we have a theme of "Our Father's Love" for The 2016 Summer Bible Conference. We are very excited how God will show his fatherly love to us through this conference. Please pray for our messengers as below.

    Bible Questions: John 3, Luk 15
  • Thursday opening message: Genesis 12:1-9 (You Will Be A Blessing!) By Dr. Bill Pottenger
  • Friday morning devotion: Mark 2:13-17 (Jesus Calls Levi) By Steve Nicewarner, Dr. Andrew Dellinger, Dr. Paul Jin
  • Friday main message: John 3:1-21 (God So Loved The World) By Don Lipsey
  • Friday evening revival (world mission night): Mark 8:31-38 (The Way of Discipleship) By Dr. Mark Yang Jr.
  • Saturday morning devotion: Matthew 6:25-34 (Seek First His Kingdom) By Ishaya Daniel, Nate Turnock, Dr. David Hwang
  • Saturday main message (with GBS): Luke 15:11-32 (The Parable Of The Lost Sons) By Tunde Adebola
  • Saturday evening: Romans 8:28-39 (More Than Conquerors) By Dr. Rozvan Vlaicu And Life Testimonies
  • Sunday worship service: John 13:1-38 (A New Command I Give You: Love One Another) By Joseph Park

Here is your registration information.

  • Dates: July 21 - 24, 2016
  • Place: James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807)
  • Fee: $170.00 (JBF/HBF, College Students with no job, or first timers), $200.00 (Regular people)
  • How to register Summer Bible Conference?
    - Click Registration link at the top side menu.
    - Create ID and Password and then select gender type. If you belong to a family member, you need to register youself as well as your spouse for group meeting (not children).
    - The page will lead you to the next page which requires other information about you.
    - On the same page, at the bottom, you can look at room booking status and select one room which is available. Each room will have two people.
    - Once you are done, the page will be showing your final registration information. Also There is a LINK that you must register your children under 12 if you bring them to the conference
  • If you have any concerns, please send your inquiry to Sarah Brown Kim(suzie2199@gmail.com), Abraham Bae(wwjd0691@gmail.com), and Joshua Kim (isaiah43189@gmail.com).