2016 Belize Bible Conference


I’d like to report on the conference and the trip briefly.
Most of all, I thank God for letting me see the work of God going on in Belize through M. Sarah and Moses.

I didn’t count how many came. But M. Eunice from New York counted. A total of 20 sheep(the last day. There might be more who came and went left early) and 6 guests and M. Moses and Sarah. 6 guests are Steve and James from Washington UBF, shepherd Aberto who has a Christian name Abraham and his daughter Ruth and Esther Ham who is a daughter of M. Hoshue and Anna Ham. These two girls served the praise them.

There were 5 bible study groups and each group was composed of 6 or 7 people. This is an amazing work of God.

There were 3 main messages delivered by me and Darren and his brother Dilon and 2 early morning Daily Bread messages delivered by Aron and Melanie. I heard the main messenger’s first drafts had their own ideas. They changed and delivered very good messages.

The three Leal brother’s are impressing; Marcony, Dilon and Darren. The two of them were messengers. Dilon feeds three sheep and their sheep came. Tyler, who is their cousin came. Melanie studies with Shantee. I see the work of God growing.

I met Shenelle, and Shanell and they were serving in some ways. Shenelle’s mom came and cooked for us. Shenelle has a younger brother. I expected to eat only rice and beans. So, my wife gave me a tube of hot pepper source. But I didn’t feel need of eating it because everyday the food was delicious. We had barbecue chicken and porkchop and Dokuno made of banana. I came to taste many new food and they are all tasty.

M. Eunice from New York and shepherd Aberto from Guatemala and Shanell shared beautiful life testimonies. The four sisters presented a gospel dance and the Belize YDJ sang a special song for the worship service. I see that M. Sarah and Moses regard them as their children and feed them with food and God’s word. The sheep are energetic. They like to play basketball and play well. They like to joke and make you feel friendly.

After the conference M. Sarah and Moses took us to San Pedro. We went there by boat taking about 1 hour. I heard it is the best resort place. There we experienced snorkeling for the first time. At first I couldn’t trust the mask and drank very strong salt water with my nose and mouth a little bit. I felt like giving up. But I tried again and got better to use it. Then I could see the beautiful sea world. We saw snappers, small sharks, sea plants and some tropical fish.

They also took us to a zoo, a small zoo but with lots of trees and animals some I never saw before like Tapir. It is like a pig but have a longer nose.

I wanted to write briefly but got longer. I will leave here tomorrow. Steve is doing well.

Enjoy summer vacation and see you soon. M. Sarah is thankful for our support financially and spiritually by sending us.