2017 Summer Bible Conference

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Thank God for blessing our 2017 summer Bible conference at JMU.
* Messengers and messages
Date Messenger Passage
7/20 Opening Paul Sambuco Isa 55:1-13
7/21 Morning Abe Song/Paul Jin/David Hwang Luke 5:1-11
7/21 Main Abe Lee John 9:1-41
7/21 Evening Nate Turnock Rom 6:1-14
7/22 Morning Steve Gan/Pauline Park/Joshua Kim Dan 1:1-21
7/22 Main Tunde Adebola Jn 19:1-37
7/22 Evening Chris Sherrill Jn 20:19-23
7/23 SWS Phillip Brown Jn 14:1-31

* Programs
Group Bible study, writing and sharing reflections, Dr. Harry Shields’ lecture about renewal of local church ministry, life testimonies, world mission night (Aaron Gentle from Belize, Stefany Yeimy from Taiwan, Bob VonMoss from Mongolia,
James Roh from YUST), special music, YDJ (Young Disciples of Jesus) praise night, sports activities, hiking, communion service, etc.

* Dates: July 20-23, 2017