“BLESSED IS THE KING…” Luke 19:28-48

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Luke 19:28-48
Key verse 38

“‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ‘Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!’”

1.What had Jesus been talking about (28; 11-27)? Why does Luke mention again that Jesus is going on ahead, up to Jerusalem (9:51; 18:31)?

2.As Jesus neared Jerusalem, what mission did he give two of his disciples (29-30)? What problem did he foresee, and how did they deal with it (31-34)? What does “the Lord needs it” tell us about Jesus?

3.How did the crowds respond to Jesus entering Jerusalem (35-38)? What is being fulfilled here (Ps 118:26; Zech 9:9)? How did Jesus respond to the Pharisees (39-40)? What does this event reveal about Jesus’ kingship? How should we respond to King Jesus?

4.What did Jesus do when he saw the city of Jerusalem (41-42)? What tragedy did he prophesy (43-44)? What does this show about King Jesus?

5. Where did Jesus go first and what did he do there (45)? Why (46)? How should God’s house be used? What did Jesus do daily in the temple, and how did the religious leaders and people respond (47-48)? What do Jesus’ actions reveal about who he is?