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Luke 8:1-21 (key verse: 8:18)
“Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.”

1. What was Jesus continuing to do? (1a; 4:43) Who was with Jesus? (1b-3a; 6:13) What grace had these women received from Jesus? How did they express their love for Jesus and serve him and the Twelve? (3b)

2. In what way did Jesus proclaim the good news to the crowds? (4-8a; Ps 78:2) What happened to the seed in each of the soil? How was the 4th soil different? What does it mean to have ears to hear? (8b)What privilege was given to whom and why? (9-10)Why only to disciples? (Jn 6:66-68)

3. How do the different soils represent different heart attitudes toward the word of God? (11-15) What is the seed? What the soils represent? What does it mean to have “a noble and good heart” and how can we do so? What hope does Jesus have for those who hear his words?

4. What is the purpose of lightening a lamp and putting it on a stand? (16) How is this related to Jesus proclaiming the gospel? (17) Read verse 18. How many times is “hear” mentioned in verses 11-15? What does it mean to “consider carefully how you listen?” What impact will this have? (Ps 119:105)

5. What did Jesus say when his mother and brothers stood outside waiting to see him? (19-21) Why does Jesus emphasize hearing God’s word and putting it into practice? How is this related to verse 18? How does Jesus consider those who do so?