Greetings in the Lord!

Thank God for 160 students who registered to learn and grow in faith. 2019 Pre-ESBC International Vision Camp will be held at Praha, Czech Republic August 1-8 2019. They are waiting to receive God’s spiritual inheritance from the first generation and meet Jesus our true vine and see God’s vision through mission. We are supporting 50th anniversary European pioneering Summer Bible conference. We believe that our next gens will have ownership and master mind of the gospel ministry of UBF.


Please select the following area for your donation and write a note of which area you want to donate on the next payment page.

  • Donate for Scholarship fund for remote house church ministry (Sponsor One student $1000, total $15,000 needed)
  • Donate for class room rentals ($3136)
  • Donate for bus rentals (1 bus $1400 total 5 buses $7000)
  • Donate general fund