“FATHER, FORGIVE THEM” ( Luke 23:26-56)

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Luke 23:26-56 (Key verse: 23:34a)
“Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’”

Read v. 26. Who was conscripted to carry Jesus’ cross? Why might Jesus have needed help? What effect might this event have had on Simon of Cyrene?

Read verses 27-31. Who followed Jesus? What did he say to the wailing women? Why? What prophesy did he make about the future? What does it mean?

Read verses 32-34. Describe the crucifixion. Why did Jesus suffer and die like this? (1Pe 2:24b; Isa 53:6b, 12) What did Jesus pray? (34) How could he pray like this? What can you learn from him about forgiveness?

Read verses 35-43. How did the people, the rulers and the soldiers mock Jesus on the cross? How was one man different? How did Jesus help one man on the cross?

Read verses 44-46. What happened when Jesus died? What does this reveal about the meaning of his death? How did Jesus show his love for God, his assurance of God’s love for him and his total dependence on God?

Read verses 47-49. What confession did the centurion make? Read verses 50-56. Who was Joseph and who did he show his faith? What is the meaning of the burial of Jesus? (44-56; Isa 53:9-10)