Genesis 13 ABRAM AND LOT SEPARATE (Genesis 13:5-18)

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Genesis 13:5-18 
Key Verse 13:15

1. Read verses 5-7. Who was Lot? Where was he and how could he partake God’s blessings (1b, 5a)? What problem arose between him and Abram? Read 13:8-9. What was the solution Abram proposed? How could he be so unselfish?

2. Read verses 10-13. What does it mean that Lot saw the land was “like the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt”? Think about the ominous hints on the Sodomites and their city. (10b)  What decision did he make and where did he go to settle? What kind of life was he looking for? How should we make important life decisions? For example, think about choosing a school, job, marriage, place to live, etc.

3. Read verses 14-17. After Lot left, how did God affirm Abram and his covenant promise? What was his promise to Abram? What did he tell him to do? How might this be a timely comfort and assurance to Abram? What does this teach about God?

4. Read 13:18. How did Abram respond to God’s promise? What does this show about him?