Genesis 14 MELCHIZEDEK BLESSES ABRAM (Genesis 14:1-24)

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Genesis 14:1-24 
Key verse 14:19,20

1. Read 14:1-12. Who was Kedorlaomer and what was his position in the political structure of that region? Describe how extensive his campaign for war was. (4-7) Find a map. Read verses 8-12. Who were the kings allied with Bera king of Sodom? Where did the big battle take place? How did the battle end? What happened to Lot? 

2. Read 13-16. How did Abram react when he heard about Lot’s capture? What were the risks by involving the kings’ war? What was his plan and its result? How might Abram’s victory change his relationships with the Canaanites? What temptations would he have after this?

3. Read verses 17-18. Who were the two kings that came to meet Abram returning victoriously from the north of Damascus? (Heb 7:1-3) How different were they from each other? In what respect do they represent two alternative life directions before Abram?

4. Read verses 19-24. How did Melchizedek bless Abram? What did he teach Abram about God? And, about his recent great victory? How did Abram respond to Melchizedek’s blessing? (20b,22) In what sense did his tithe represent a pledge of fealty and commitment to God?

5. What did the king of Sodom suggest about the disposition of the spoils of war? What did Abraham respond? What does this show about his faith in God and in God’s blessings?