Genesis 15 GOD’S COVENANT WITH ABRAM (Genesis 15:1-21)

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Genesis 15:1-21 
Key verse: 15:6
1. Read verses 1-3. What was God’s word to Abram in a vision? What does this tell us about Abram’s inner struggle? What concerns did Abram express when he responded to God? 

2. Read 15:4-6. What was God’s promise concerning his heir? Why did he show Abram the stars in the sky? How did Abram respond? What does it meant that “(God) credited it to him as righteousness”? What change occurred in Abram’s life as a result of his faith?

3. Read 15:7-8. How did God re-affirm his promise concerning the land? What question did Abram ask? Why was Abram’s attitude toward the land changed?

4. Read 15:9-15. What did God tell Abram to do? What did he do? When the evening approached, what did God say to Abram who felt a dreadful darkness in his deep sleep? How would Abram’s descendants grow into a great nation? Why was this a necessary first step to possess the land?

5. Read 15:16-21. After sunset, when darkness had fallen, how did God seal the covenant? What further promise did God give Abram concerning the land? What might this mean to him? How would Abram’s descendants be God’s instrument  to judge the peoples in the land? (16)