Genesis 16-17 GOD CALLS ABRAM ABRAHAM (Genesis 16-17)

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Genesis 16-17 
Key verse 17:1,5

1. Read 16:1-4. Why did Sarai and Abram think that it was reasonable, and even God’s will (15:4), for Abram to take Hagar to build a family? What problem arose in Abram’s family after Hagar became pregnant?

2. Read 16:5-14. How did Abram and Sarai deal with this problem? How did God help Hagar who fled from her mistress? What did she learn about God? How did she show her faith in God?

3. Read 16:15-17:1. How old was Ishmael when God appeared again to Abram? How did God rebuke him? What do you think Abram’s life had been like during those thirteen years?

4. Read 17:2-8. What was the main purpose of God who appeared to Abram? Identify the details of God’s covenant with him. How could it be an “everlasting” covenant? Why “everlasting” possession? Why did God change Abram’s name? What does each name mean?

5. Read 17:9-14. What did God tell Abraham to do as a sign and seal of the covenant? Read verses 15-16. How would God bless Sarai?

6. Read 17:17-22 What was Abraham’s response? Why? What specific promises did God give Abraham concerning Ishmael and Isaac? Read verses 23-27. How did Abraham demonstrate his belief in God and in God’s promises? What can we learn about faith?