GET RID OF THE OLD YEAST (1 Corinthians 5:1-13)

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1 Corinthians 5:1-13
Key Verse: 5:7

What serious problem did the Corinthian church have? (1) What was the attitude of the Corinthian Christians toward this problem? (2) Why?

What was Paul’s attitude toward the problem? (3-5) What did he command them to do (2b,11b,13), and why did they need to deal with this publicly? What was Paul’s purpose in casting him out? (5b)

How did their pride lead them to be negligent about this man’s sin? (6) What would be the consequence if such public sin as sexual immorality were ignored in the church?

Why should a Christian fellowship get rid of the old yeast? (7-8) What is the “old yeast”? (Mk 8:15) How could they become “the new batch without yeast”? How did Christ’s sacrifice change them? (8) How can we be a good influence?

How had they misunderstood Paul’s instructions? (9-10) What did he really mean? (11) How should a Christian deal with immoral people outside the church and inside the church? (11-13)