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Genesis (23) 24:1-67
Key verse 24:58

1. Read chapter 23. How were the realities different from the promises he believed? (Acts 7:5) What can you learn from his faith? (Heb 11:9)

2. Read 24:1-9. What instructions did Abraham give to his senior servant in order to find a wife for his son Isaac? (3,4,6) Why did he not want Isaac to marry a Canaanite? What did he believe? (7a)

3. Read 24:10-26. How did the servant prepare for his mission? Where did he stop when it was toward evening? What kind of woman did he seek to find for Isaac in his prayer? (12-14) Who was the woman the servant met? What can we learn about Rebekah? (15-25) Why did the servant bow down and worship God? (23-26)

4. Read 24:28-54. How did the servant show his commitment to his mission? (33) How did he introduce the purpose of his journey, and emphasize God’s leading and guidance to meet Rebekah? (34-49) What was his conclusion? How did Rebekah’s father and brother respond? Think about the servant’s preparation, prayer, faith, wisdom, and commitment. What can we learn from him?

5. Read 24:55-67. Why did the servant insist on leaving immediately? What was Rebekah’s decision? On what basis could she make such a decision? How was her faith like Abraham’s? Describe the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah.