GOD PLANTED A GARDEN (Genesis 2:4-25)

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Genesis 2:4-25
Key Verse 2:7,8


1. With which day of creation does chapter 2 seem to be primarily concerned? How did God create man? What does the fact that we are created from the dust of the ground suggest? What is man’s source of life and value? What does it mean to be a living being?

2. Describe the garden which God planted for man. How did God provide for man’s happiness? What do the trees in verses 8 and 9 suggest about man’s nature and needs?

* ADAM’S BIBLE (15-17)

3. What work did God give man to do in the garden? How does this relate to man’s mission in 1:28?

4. Why is it significant that God commanded man, “You are free to eat from any tree of the garden…”? Why did God want man to be thankful?

5. How does God’s command, “You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” establish spiritual order? How does it make real freedom possible? Why are these necessary for man’s happiness? What were the consequences about which God warned man?


6. What was one thing in the garden that was not good in God’s eyes? For what purpose was woman created? Why could no suitable helper be found among animals and why was the woman suitable? How did Adam receive her? What does this suggest about spiritual order in the family?

7. Read 19-20. How did man co-work with God? What is the significance of his naming the animals?

8. How does God confirm and establish the family? What commitment must man make to his wife? What does it mean that they become one flesh? (cf. Mark 10:6-9) What does verse 25 suggest about their relationship?