HONOR GOD WITH YOUR BODIES (1 Corinthians 6:1-20)

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1 Corinthians 6:1-20
Key Verses: 6:19-20

Why shouldn’t Christian brothers bring lawsuits against one another? (1-6) To whom did Corinthian believers appeal to settle their disputes? What did they not know about the spiritual authority of the saints? (2-5)

What problems did Paul point out? (7-8) In what sense were they completely defeated? What was their real sin problem?

Who will and who will not inherit the kingdom of God? (9,10) What does it mean to inherit the kingdom of God? How did Paul remind them of God’s grace? (11) Why?

What popular saying did some Corinthians use to justify their sin? (12) When we abuse our Christian freedom, what happens to us? (Jn 8:34; Ro 6:15-16)

In Corinth, what wrong view of the body led to a strange idea about sex, and what view of the body did Paul teach? (13-17) Why shouldn’t we engage in sexual immorality? (16)

What is the best way to avoid sexually immorality? (18a; Ge 39:12) Read verses 19-20. What must we Christians know about our bodies? In light of this, what should we do with our bodies?