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Mark 4:35-41
Key Verse: 4:40
He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

1. Read verses 35-36. What had Jesus and his disciples been doing on that day? Where did Jesus invite his disciples to go and why (35, 5:1)? How did the disciples respond? What might have been the mood of the disciples?

2. Read verse 37. What happened to the disciples on the way? Describe their urgent situation. How should the Christians view the storms of life in their journey of faith? Have you encountered any storms of life and how did you handle them?    

3. Read verse 38. What was Jesus doing during the storm? What does this show about him? What did the disciples do and say? What does this show about them?

4. Read verses 39-41. What did Jesus do about the storm? What does this reveal about him? How did he rebuke the disciples? What did they learn about Jesus? What have you learned from this event?